It has never been easier to turn your roof into real estate that works for you!

In 2020, there will be a 26% federal tax credit eligibility for the gross project cost, which provides substantial savings if you switch to solar. The main advantage of installing solar panels in Pennsylvania is the net metering law which requires utility companies to provide homeowners who have solar panels with a credit equal to the retail rate for the excess electricity their solar panels have generated or for energy they’ve “sent to the grid”. Pennsylvanians are also eligible for Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). The SREC program allows homeowners to receive credit (or cash) for the energy that their solar panels have generated. There is no expiration or max amount for the SRECs and each SREC is valued at a fluctuating market price. With utility prices soaring, the return on investment for solar panels in Pennsylvania is one of the best in the U.S. There is no better time to go solar than when you’re getting a new roof. By installing solar panels on your new roof, you can have the roof work for you with an easy solar upgrade to generate electricity and start saving you money on your energy bills. GAF Energy solar panels can produce electricity at a lower cost than your utility company. The more electricity that you produce and use via your solar panels, the less you purchase from a utility company. Eventually, GAF Energy solar panels can even start making you money through utility savings and government incentives. Choosing solar for your home is a great thing because you’re contributing to global change, renewable energy, and ultimately saving money!


  • Sleek, ultra-low profile panels, integrated into roof system, elegantly complement your home’s curb appeal 

  • Perimeter protection flashing system reduces the risk of leaks as well as the potential for debris or animals to infiltrate 

  • Our roof-integrated product is direct-to-deck and flashes in just like a skylight, providing excellent water-shedding qualities and saving time and materials


  • As a GAF Master Elite Contractor, all of our installers are certified on the Pro Field Guide annually – we strictly adhere to these practices

  • Our team handles the project coordination process from start to finish including permitting, inspections, and electrical service

  • A Resnick Roofing Project Manager will be designated to your solar project, overseeing the entire installation process 

  • Our installers are rigorously trained and certified by the GAF Energy team annually to ensure we adhere to all GAF specifications 


  • With GAF Energy’s solar energy system we are able to provide single source warranty accountability – one call to one manufacturer for any roofing or solar related concerns

  • GAF Golden Pledge Warranty on every roof 

  • 25 year equipment warranty on the power optimizers and panels

  • 25 year workmanship warranty on the inverter


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